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Lyanna K. Peterson

Hello lovely people,

let me introduce myself. My name is Lyanna and I currently live in the UK. I was raised by a British mum and a German dad and spent most of my life moving from place to place. In my mid-twenties I continued exploring this beautiful earth and spent quite some time backpacking around Australia and working in various fields. I was offered a position at a goat depot in the middle of the Australian outback, in exchange for food and board. I was very excited to get to know the beautiful country and connect with locals. The Australian outback is probably one of my most favourite places in the world. Working on a goat farm opened my eyes to animal farming, which led me to discover veganism. After learning how factory farms are destroying our planet, I went vegan overnight and have never looked back. I have faced a lot of challenges on my vegan journey, which is why I started writing books, to help others.

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